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  • Influence Green Party policy development at national and local levels
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Help the CML Greens or the federal Green Party of Canada, or both, to cover the costs of office supplies, campaign signs and advertising.

A one time donation is great. A regular monthly donation helps the EDA to plan activities, based on expected cashflow.

Up to $400, you get 75% back as a tax credit, so $400 to the Greens only costs you $100.
In 2021, Elections Canada limits political donations to EDAs to $1650. (With a tax credit of $650 the cost to you is $1000.) If you would like to donate more to the Greens, please contact us. For more details, look under “Donations” on our FAQs page.


Get a lawn sign! Raise awareness.

Lawn signs are, of course, only available during an election campaign, when they help to increase name recognition for our Green candidate, and urge people to vote.


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