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Elizabeth’s Accomplishments

When voters in Saanich-Gulf Islands elected Elizabeth May as Canada’s first Green Member of Parliament in 2011, many people asked, “What can one MP do?”

Over the next decade, she answered this question with hard work, integrity and compelling results that earned her widespread recognition and numerous awards as a parliamentarian. This summary of her many accomplishments in the 41st, 42nd and 43rd Parliaments, spanning 2011 to 2021, shows her dedication to addressing and solving local constituents’ concerns, national governance issues, and international emergencies like climate disruption.

A short biography lists accomplishments before becoming our MP, along with other awards, volunteer work, and the eight books she has written.

Elizabeth May works hard for us with integrity and accountability

1. Reports to us, her constituents in Saanich Gulf Islands twice a year in every neighbourhood. This is more than 80 public Town Halls with constituents since she was elected. She reports on what happens in Ottawa. answers our questions,and listens to our concerns.

2. Never heckles or participates in the shouting and childish behaviour in the House of Commons. When others heckle her.she waits for order to be restored,then continues making her point.

3. Publishes the original records of all her expenses on her website.

4. Treats other MPs with respect and kindness even when strongly disagreeing with their policy and style of doing business.

5. Has the best attendance record in the House of Commons of any party leader.


Recognition for Elizabeth May

* Based on secret votes of all Members of Parliament, Elizabeth has been voted Parliamentarian of the Year (2012), Hardest Working MP (2013), Orator of the Year (2014), and Most Knowledgeable (2020).

* In annual surveys by The Hill Times, Elizabeth was named the Best Constituency MP (shared; 2013), Hardest Working MP (2013), Best Public Speaker (2014), and one of the top three Most Effective Politicians (2014).

* Huffington Post lauded Elizabeth as one of Canada’s best MPs, noting Bill C-38 as proof of “what one MP can do” (2012).

* Newsweek named her “One of the world’s most influential women” (2010).

* Elizabeth May is an Officer of the Order of Canada (2005).

Ronald Wright, author of A Short History of Progress:

Elizabeth May is without doubt the most impressive party leader in Canada today -superhumanly hardworking, dedicated, smart, witty, and fearless when speaking truth to power and to the public.

The Right Honourable Joe Clark, former Conservative prime minister, says it all: 

“Most acknowledge that Elizabeth May is Canada’s most effective MP.”

Rafe Mair, BC broadcaster and writer: 

The Federal election is a bankruptcy of real choices. The outstanding candidate by far, and I apologize for damning her with faint praise, is Elizabeth May. It’s a shame that she won’t be prime minister. Far from being just and environmentalist, she has a firm understanding of the history of this country, the geographical distortions and demographic differences, and the sad state of our parliamentary system. She also has a deep love and understanding of our province.”

Wade Davis, BC Leadership Chair in Cultures and Ecosystems at Risk, 
Professor of Anthropology, Faculty Associate, Liu Institute for Global Issues, 
University of British Columbia:

Elizabeth May is the conscience of the country and her voice in Parliament guarantees that the voices of all Canadians who care about our environment and our land will be heard.”

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